A wedding is always a joyous time.  It is a time for love, a time for Christ, a time to join in communion of life, a time to start a new family.  It is not only a time for the bride and groom, but it is a time for all those attending to re-visit their vows, their life and their values.

Let me do your wedding.  Whether it be in a church setting, in a field, in a bouquet of flowers, in a chapel, or a haven of plants and flowers, it doesn’t matter.  Christ will be you no matter where your wedding takes place.

I do have an available facility if you do desire to have a wedding in a church.  That facility is the First Baptist Church of Denver, a historic spot with membership in the historical society.  With chandeliers, the largest pipe organ in the western United States, and a large sanctuary with plenty of seating, your wedding can be extra special.

Please e-mail me at pastor_karen_schneider@yahoo.com or call me at 720-308-8418 for details.  I am flexible on my compensation and will work with you.

Love and Peace,

Pastor Karen