What a wonderful time in your life, that time when you make your commitment, lay the path for your future, and bring in that other soul mate to help you live through the day-to-day experiences and challenges.  Make this moment special by allowing me to do your officiating.  I offer poems specifically written for the two of you, I offer spiritual renewal for the moment, and I offer “one of a kind” services for your wedding.

Not only should your wedding be beautiful, it should be remembered.  It should be remembered for the gorgeous dresses, the colorful floral displays and the words spoken.  Let me guide you through your wedding with professional recessions, articulate wording, and creative sayings.

Through my experience I can also assist you with the wedding party, the reception, and finding a location if you need.  Presently I am affiliated with a historic church downtown Denver and several parks with beautiful settings.  If you have your own location, that is fine.

With extremely reasonable rates, I am more interested in your happiness.  Let me help you plan your wedding.

Love and Peace,

Pastor Karen W. Schneider


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